Black Pearl Case Study

A customer journey video created for Black Pearl by Summit to highlight Black Pearl's business philosophy, dedication, work ethic, and commitment to their clients.


Under Construction

Black Pearl is a busy, family owned and operated construction and renovation company. At the time of their first meeting with Summit VSA, they were feeling overwhelmed with clients and were concerned with being able to maintain their high-quality customer service. They did not have a business website and, due to their busy schedule, their social media posting was sporadic.
They were looking to automate their systems and communications in order to ensure their clients received the best care. They were not necessarily looking for more clients, but wanted to improve the quality of the leads they were receiving.

Summit's Blueprint

In order to automate some of their systems and communications, Summit built Black Pearl a company website. This website not only provided a place to drive client traffic to, but also created a space to easily answer typical client questions, thus alleviating some of the customer service pressure on the owners’ end.
Summit also created a social media campaign that included 1 month’s worth of content that was geared at educating and engaging their prospects, while also answering questions in the form of story telling. This campaign removed the stress of needing to create their own social media content, allowing the owners of Black Pearl to focus their attention on their business operations.