Colton Hendriks Case Study


The Trigger Point

Colton met with Summit while he was in the process of moving to a new brokerage. Due to the change, he would no longer have his associate information available on his old brokerage’s website and needed a new site. It was determined that before the change fully occurred, a new website needed to be created so there would not be any interruption in Colton’s services.
Colton was also in need of a social media strategy that gave him more consistent, educational content, with the goal of increasing his prospective clientele while also continuing to engage his current clientele.

The Summit Rate

In order to give Colton his own identity, Summit created a business website that utilized some of Colton’s new brokerage’s aesthetic, while also creating a brand of his own. Summit also created a social media campaign that provided Colton with 1 month’s worth of content to remove the pressure of curating content ideas.