Source Office Furniture Case Study

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The "Source" of the Need for Video

Source Office Furniture - Regina was approached by a large agricultural company to furnish a newly built, full office space. The client’s vision for the project was to create an office space that was inspiring, calming, and inviting, but they required a professional’s touch to create the space. Source took the client’s vision and brought it to life to create an energetic space that didn’t feel like your typical office.
Due to the size of the project, Source was eager to showcase the completed work. However, they were looking for something more than a simple testimonial from their client.

The Summit Design

Summit created a customer journey video that showcased the full client experience of
working with Source Office Furniture – Regina. This included the reasoning behind the client’s choice to work with a professional office furnishing company, how the client found Source, why Source was chosen over the other office furnishing companies, the unique experience of working with Source, and the overall results. By using a customer journey video, Source’s prospective clients were able to relate to the story and see themselves using Source’s services.

This video was so impactful that Source Office Furniture’s corporate head office in B.C. took notice and decided to use it on their website and social media as well.